My story:

Badminton is one of my favorite sports.

I started to play it when I was about 7 or 8 years old with my sister and neighbors along the sidewalk in front of our house after dinner.

I stopped playing this game when I was in high school for I was busy with school work. After I got my first job in New York, I played badminton with my co-workers on Wednesday evening at the IBM country club. Later my wife, Khamchanh or Chu started to enjoy the game too, especially there were wifes and children of IBM employees from Germany, Japan, England, India, and several other countries who came to play too. We had a great time playing and we brought all our three children to the IBM country club during our games. We enjoyed spending our time not just on the badminton courts, but hanging out at restaurants or at our backyard, especially with some roasted lamb meat and vegetarian food. I wish I had taken a few more photos to refresh such memorable journey with friendly people we've met. I wish everyone in the photos or not in the photos from the IBM Badminton Club will stay healthy to enjoy a full retirement from the Badminton games we love to play.

We had a dinner at a Chinese buffet restaurant in Pok.

A coach, mentor, and IBM club president who made sure we all play good games.