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Hello to Alexa Marie !


October 25th, 2014

Sister Cassie Lichu

Brother Quentin Michael

Quentin Michael

A Lao Wedding Ceremony or "BACI" of Vivien and Chip

What a joy to have Grandma's blessing for your wedding !

You know who you are. You thought me how to love one another and not just yourself.

You've made me a very proud father and grand father today !

Market Watch


Happy Valentines Day ! Snow on Feb 14, 2014

No leaves to rake, no lawn to mow, just relax for birds watching !

It's pure white, enjoy it while you don't need to mow the lawn or rake leaves!

Snow on Feb 13, 2014

Congratulaltions to Vivien & Chip ! Dec 4th, 2013

December 4th, 2013


December 4th, 2013 - Seattle WA

December 4th, 2013 - Seattle, WA

What was Quentin thinking ?

Cassandra Lichu


Khamchanh's Interview with Eve


A Happy Shopper


McHoul Funeral Home, Inc.

Donation: Roomtoread-Laos


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Snow on Feb 14, 2014 in Poughkeepsie, NY

Here comes Quentin Michael

and Cassandra Lichu


Winter of 2014

HOME in New York

October 2013